(The word "tumescent" means swollen or bulging.)

These days there are many different methods of liposuction. However, tumescent liposuction has been around the longest and is still considered the ‘Gold Standard’ to which all other forms of liposuction are compared.

During the fat removal surgery, a special sterile mixture containing anaesthetic and epinephrine to constrict blood vessels is infused in the body. Once it’s injected into the area that’s being treated, small incisions are made in the skin, and a small cannula is used to tunnel through the fat, and then suction it out of the body. The use of larger amounts of local anaesthetic not only reduces pain after surgery, but also reduces swelling, bleeding and makes the entire process run more smoothly.

Our doctors will help you make the right decision about which treatment is best for you but if you have localised fat deposits, are close to your stable weight and are in good health, then you will probably be a good candidate for tumescent liposuction.


• Minimally invasive
• Minimal blood loss
• No complications of general anaesthesia
• Very little patient discomfort, if any
• Allows removal of greater volumes of fat
• The procedure can be performed outside the hospital setting

Prices start from 1,500 USD